Myers Law Office

Quality, Care and Value

The attorneys and staff at the Myers Law Office strive to provide quality legal and mediation services with a caring touch. We do so as efficiently as possible in order to maintain competitive fees.

Building Relationships

Our philosophy does not start or end with simply providing legal services. Instead, we place an emphasis on building a relationship with our clients. We get to know each other and we earn the trust of our clients through that relationship. Through this process, we often develop lasting friendships.

Experience Matters

The Myers Law Office is a general practice law firm. Our attorneys have experience in a wide array of civil (non-criminal) matters. We now offer civil mediation services as well. For a list of our services, please choose Legal Services on the top menu.


Client Reviews

"Very Good Lawyers." - Karen M.

"I have worked with the Myers Law office for years and they have been a joy for our entire family! Thanks for being an honest local company!" - Brent R.

"*****" - Brad G.

"This law firm is extremely professional.... I wish we had more lawyers like this." - Steven P.

"Excellent. Have worked with Myers Law Office for years!!" - Laura L.

"Easy access, parking in front of offices..outstanding legal services provided by a friendly staff...very professional effective representation." - Chris E.

"Very knowledgeable, professional and very nice. Couldn't even understand the law without him." - Michael S.